John Mallon Clinics Gentling & Training Llamas & Alpacas

Day 1 – Level I — “The Foundation”

The Level I Clinic is an intensive eight-hour day, packed with hands-on applications, eye-opening demonstrations, and thought-provoking insights. This foundation clinic comes very highly recommended by “old-timers,” newcomers and veterinarians alike, and is guaranteed to bring about a positive change in your relationship with your llamas or alpacas. This clinic will make you a trainer.

  • Learn the philosophy and principles of training, teaching and learning.
  • Learn how to apply these principles in ways that make sense-to you and your llamas or alpacas.
  • Learn to make a 5-second plan — it guarantees success and makes anything possible.
  • Learn how to tie the lifesaving quick-release knot.
  • Learn safe, relaxed leg handling; quiet,  cooperative haltering; leading on a slack rope.
  • Learn why  early  desensitization  of  crias  is  crucial  to  the animal’s development, and how to perform the procedure.
  • Learn with “hands-on” experience — questions and answers — tips and insights — help with specific problems.

This is where it all begins — learn the psychology of prey animals — what makes them “tick,” in order to be able to work with them in ways they can understand – safely and peacefully. By working from the “inside out,” you will learn how to help your llama overcome his natural fears.

Day 2 – Level II — “Continuing Education”

This clinic builds upon previous experience and takes you beyond the basics and into more advanced training.

  • Learn why the less you do, the more you get.
  • Learn to teach your llama “Back”, “Stand”, and “Sidepass”.
  • Learn how to safely handle ears, face, and tail — without having to use a halter or lead.
  • Learn how to safely trim toenails, the most neglected piece of husbandry in the llama industry.
  • Learn verbal cues, as well as hand and foot signals.
  • Teach your llama to load on a slack lead, and how to calmly and safely step out the same way.
  • Learn to train your llama to control itself under any and all situations — shows, parades, breeding, etc.
  • Learn why “manners” around other llamas or alpacas are so very important to all.
  • Learn the basics of conformation analysis for breeding and purchasing decisions.

Minimum 20 to have Clinic

Square Invoices will be sent when minimum reached.

Proudly Sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Llama and Alpaca Association

Hosted by Ranch of the Oaks

Lunch sponsored by Grand Canyon Alpaca Association

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John Mallon Clinic Gentling & Training Llamas & Alpacas

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May 25 - 26 2024


9am to 5 pm both days
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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